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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Political ads on the blog?

Why do we have political ads on the blog?


Anonymous said...

Do we? and why not?

Anonymous said...

I believe the ads you see on the blog are directly related to sites you have visited. I don't see political ads. But I do see ads from specific places I've shopped online.

Anonymous said...

the advertising you get reflects the kind of web browsing you do and the sites you visit. your profile ends up on auction for bidders competing to put their ad in your face depending on demographic and other information about you.

Anonymous said...

If your browser doesn't offer Adblock (or equivalent) get a new browser.

Anonymous said...

What ads? I don't see any ads. Oh yea, I have the Adblock Plus running on the Firefox. The Adblock is the "mute" button for the dancing banner ads.

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