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Friday, December 26, 2014

Congratulations LANL on making the top 20!

Congratulations LANL on making the top 20!!

List of worst bosses in US, based on sexual harassment. Way to go, Charlie and group. Keep those awards (and bonuses) coming.


Anonymous said...

Amazingly bad publicity for the whole lab.

Anonymous said...

LANLs where ethics training of the worker bee scum is mandatory. Managers rule, staff members drool!

Anonymous said...

Who gives a damn. Work!

Anonymous said...

Every year, we get the most inane, boring, off putting UC Web based
training that wasted 2 hours, offended decent folks with its explicit sexual situations and generally prompted an angry rebellious response rather than sympathy for harassment victims. It made me want to offend the producers for two hours. I didn't concentrate and remembered nothing, except how to help a visiting cross dressing transsexualfind the closest acceptable urinal um bidet, um pooper.

I did once come to work in drag and was treated very kindly. Used the urinal, lifted the skirt.

Anonymous said...

Also, not to fool around with willing coworkers on your own desk.

Anonymous said...

That's still allowed in Nevada. The assault rifle ban did not pass there.

Anonymous said...

It passed in California. Pelosi and Feinstein didn't like it. I kinda understand why.

Anonymous said...

From what was filed during this particular lawsuit, it looked pretty clear that the supervisor was being protected by close friends at the very top of the laboratory. Even if the supervisor no longer works for LANL, those that knew about his long standing behavior are still in place, and still protecting their friends.

Anonymous said...

LANL only made number 18?

Come on, LANL staff, re-read Charlie's latest memo and get with the project. We can do better than this if we try during this next year.

The latest news of managerial violence against employees that is then covered up and that made the LA Daily Post (and a legal suit) indicate that FY2015 is going to be a banner year for LANS! We're #1... or probably soon will be on this list.

Anonymous said...

Such abuse as claimed in the Stanford lawsuit could not have gone on for as long as it was alleged unless the sexual predator was being protected by a good friend very high up in the organization. In cases such as this, it is likely that someone very close to the lab director was the enabler.

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