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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Privatization works!

Charlie GQ McMillion sent out an email on the Lab's grades. LANS gets only 6.25 million this year. It will come out of the flesh of the workers bees. It has been a very hard year for LANL but there are some bright spots! We now use 18% less water! We also use less electricity and there are fewer safety incidents! This also just happens to coincide with the drop in the number of lab employees but whatever. If we have 0 employees that then we use even less electricity. 

So what is the plan for next year!?! You guessed it we will be hiring more managers!

Privatization works!


Anonymous said...

Work Free Safety Zone - Version 2.0

Anonymous said...

Hiring of even more managers at LANL? The managerial bloat is already at historic levels.

Does anything ever change with the LANS crew and their broken methods of management?

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