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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Can China Be Contained?

While not directly related to US nuclear policy or the national labs, here's very insightful essay from the Wall Street Journal on US-China relations. How we got to where we are and where we may need to go...


As tensions with China rise, U.S. foreign policy thinkers are dusting off ideas from the Cold War—and questioning the long-standing consensus for engagement with Beijing

June 12, 2015


Anonymous said...

An increasing number of journal articles we are asked to review (Optical Society, APS, etc..) come out of Chinese University and Research Institutions (their National Labs). It's shocking how hard they are working, albeit 10 to 20 years behind us. In many cases they are reinventing technologies we have put to practice, but poorly published (why ?), because we were busy building hardware or thought the results were just good practice, rather than breakthrough physics/engineering. Also, computational speed today is tremendous and allows simulations that we could only approximate 20 years ago. For example 1D/2D or analytic solutions combined with off-line experiments, that today can be simulated in 3D/4D. That gives the Chinese a big advantage, plus they have studied our publications and visited our facilities.

Anonymous said...

Can't be contained. We've had stolen, or given away too much technology. H1B holders and foreign post docs have taken it all home, started companies with home country gov't loans.
What the h..l has happened ? We need the Donald now !

Anonymous said...

We need the Donald now !

You know that Donald works for the Chinese. It is all part of the plan. America may be done but a lot of people are going to get very very rich.

Anonymous said...

China has its hands full right now trying to bail out their own people and save poorly educated "investors" like rural farmers Mr. & Mrs. Wong who bought into the Chinese government created stock market mania and did it with borrowed money. They are losing it all as the markets in China crash and the ability of the Communist Party to manipulate their markets ever skyward no longer seems to work.

Then, again.... perhaps a timely war over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea is exactly what the Chinese Communist Party needs right now to divert the attention of their hood-winked public "investors" and hold on to power.


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