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Monday, June 15, 2015

OPM hack

Chinese hack of OPM compromised SF-86 records. No one has acknowledged that that includes all contractors with security clearances yet. Including all of us...


Anonymous said...

Because contractors aren't people. Get over yourself. --NNSA

Anonymous said...

This is bad you dumb as.... ! Now they (Chinese, Russian mobs) have your family records, mother's madden name, grandparents names, birth paces, passport numbers, etc... Very easy to setup bank accounts in your name and clean you out !

Anonymous said...

I called the Chinese consulate today in SF to confirm that my new SF86 was complete. They said my sexual orientation was unclear, which is true now that Caitlan Jenner is so hot..How did they know?

Those chinks are something!

Anonymous said...

Crao with the gay Snowdon, Assange and the navy trsnsgender warrior, chinks, and incompetent women, perhaps eugenics deserves a fresh look.

Those Germans are looking pretty good. What's Merkel got that the inferior types lack? East German testosterone? Is she a kinderbundt?

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