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Thursday, July 23, 2015

TCP1 COLA for 2015.

Did anyone see an announcement of the 2015 COLA? Either I am looking in the wrong places or LLNS pension managers need a satisfactory stakeholder communication strategy...some any 3rd year MBA candidate is taught in corporate ethics.
C'mon LLNS.

Meanwhile I got 1.7%. Can I verify if it correct? Nope. Why? LLNS aint saying.

What a complete difference from customer oriented, transparent UCRS, that announced adjustments three months before implementation.

Even retired Tarter, Miller Anastasio And Mara care about this. S'up?


Anonymous said...

Looks like 1.01% COLA for me, comparing June with July check ? For LLNL retiree.

Cheap bastards.

Anonymous said...

Wish they would communicate. UC is so much better managed.

Anonymous said...

Mine calculates to a 1.7% increase. ?

Anonymous said...

"Looks like 1.01% COLA for me, comparing June with July check ? For LLNL retiree"

If we subtract out the $109 supplement, which goes away at 65 years of age, than the COLA was 1.33%. It depends on your retirement date, since the July of that year sets a "baseline". Still very disappointing since the COLA is pulled down by factoring in the Los Angeles cost of living data. The vast pool of undocumented workers in LA (of all nationalities) keeps business costs down.

Anonymous said...

My 1.7% increase was for a full year with the ss supplement and capital return removed.... Comparing june 2015 to july and august 2015 deposits.

Makes no sense Pension plan hasn't announced the COLA.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps LANS/LLNS considers the COLA to be proprietary information much like the salary listings became when the labs went private.

Anonymous said...

Oh well. I spent it on an Asian massage. So the COLA story came to a happy ending.


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