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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Stormin" Norm Pattiz

If there is one common "denominator" during the past 10-years, it's been "Stormin" Norm Pattiz. He's been at the rotten corrupt core of LANS. Another Donald Trump sleaze bag. You can bet Stormin made millions under the table from Becthel during the past 10-years on the LANS cash cow. Norm never came to speak face to face to the folks at LANL, he didn't want to get dust on his Italian Salvatore Ferraro shoes.

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Anonymous said...

"Another Donald Trump sleaze bag."

You misspoke. Another Hilary Clinton/Barack Obama sleaze bag. The corruption coming out of the Clinton/Obama period is being exposed by WikiLeaks right now. It really smells.


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