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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Provisional Reimbursement and Allowability of Costs Associated with Whistleblower Actions

"Effective immediately, new rules on allowable DOE/NNSA Contractor reimbursement of whistleblower related expenses"

According to the DOE "acquisition letter" dated August 4, 2016, all DOE and NNSA Contracting Officers must deem Contractor reimbursement fees for whistleblower related litigation expenses unallowable, if wrongful conduct on the part of the Contractor has occurred. 

Reimbursement may still be unallowable if the Contractor gets off on a technicality, such as a statute of limitations ruling, IF wrongful conduct by the Contractor was likely, or if the Contractor has a history of wrongful conduct.


Anonymous said...

Until all related obstacles are properly addressed, the alleged intent of this "acquisition letter" is without value.

Anonymous said...

Yup, that's what "provisional" means. You have a firm grasp of the obvious.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you may have missed the concern of the poster. "Provisional reimbursement" as detailed in the "Acquisition Letter", means the contractor's reimbursement may be subject to review or reversal at a later time.

"Obstacles" to the effectiveness of the "Acquisition Letter" as the earlier poster mentioned, may relate to the 2016 GAO finding that DOE has failed to clearly define what contractor "retaliation" or "wrongful conduct" is.

Perhaps you do not have a firm grasp on that which is obvious to those willing to consider the greater situation.

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