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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Charlie's all hands

Charlie gives an all hands talk today at LANL. Various rumors are 1 The contract will be extended by a year. 2 The new director is Craig Lessure. 3 The new director is Wallace, 4. The new director is Harvey Weinstein. 5. Charlie will be staying on longer due to the contract extension. 6 This is part of some punishment from from the events in the past year where he has to say all the great things that they implemented to improve the on. 


Anonymous said...

No, it's about the employee engagement survey from several months back.

Anonymous said...

Since when are made-up rumors worthy of a top post, especially poorly spelled and crazy rumors?

Anonymous said...

So the employee survey result went very poorly for managers. The solution is more training for managers, maybe replacing some of the managers could help. Some cooked up numbers of publications which show that number of a certain publications is increasing for LANL however the number of publications in this same class of journals is also going up in all other institutions as well since the number of nature journals is also growing but that little fact was left out.

Anonymous said...

With LANS, it is a bad habit to leave out, "a lot of little facts" aka "facts".

Anonymous said...

Charlie needed to show the workforce that he is still The Man with the Plan, however it hasn't worked for six years and it has not much chance of starting to work now that the contract is over.

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