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Thursday, October 19, 2017

A&M, UT competing against each other to run Los Alamos weapons lab

UT never called them back, so now A&M is going after LANL on a competing team


Anonymous said...

Can a junior college compete for LANL as well? I see Dallas Baptist College is way down on the rankings. How about them?

Anonymous said...

The issue is that there is a perception that LANL has a cowboy problem. U of Texas and Texas AM are both in Texas which is also perceived to be a cowboy state which could further foster the cowboy culture of LANL. Has anyone thought this through.

Anonymous said...

One story on this is that the SNL bid experience left a very bad taste with both UT and A&M. NNSA was unusually outspoken in explaining that the Battelle choice for Lab Director was less than fully qualified for the position. Since both UT and A&M had been snookered into going along with Battelle's choice, each of them still smart over the result. Some scars run deep and take a long time to heal over, and this looks to be in that category.

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