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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Top page headline from Australia leading news outlet

Top page headline from Australia leading news outlet 'According to The Centre for Public Integrity, a pair of workers with “cavalier attitudes” at the Los Alamos National Laboratory stuffed “so much plutonium into a small space that they came close to triggering an accidental nuclear chain reaction, all to get some photos”. Their actions “nearly doomed a room full of colleagues”, according to a CPI report. “Plutonium is the unstable, radioactive, man-made fuel of a nuclear explosion, and it isn’t amenable to showboating,” it said. “When too much is put in one place, it becomes ‘critical’ and begins to fission uncontrollably, spontaneously sparking a nuclear chain reaction, which releases energy and generates a deadly burst of radiation.” And it gets much, much worse. Los Alamos National Laboratory in Santa Fe, New Mexico — responsible for the design of nuclear warheads — was a top secret facility during World War II and the birthplace of the atomic bomb. But it is in a state


Anonymous said...


reference for full article:

Anonymous said...

Fake news, laughable to anyone who knows even a tiny bit about what actually happened. But it's why Los Alamos has to be held to the highest standards, because absolutely anything that makes the news will be used by people with agendas against the entire complex.

Anonymous said...

"Leading news outlet?" Not hardly. So leading that you fail to name the outlet and fail to provide a link.

Currently on the site's home page is a story about an "office party lingerie ad" and UFO story.

But, meets the credibility criteria for some posters on this blog, apparently.

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