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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nevada transition offers

Nevada transition offers to management going out soon: Offers We are now in the Wave 1 phase of offers to the management team. Wave 2 of offers will start soon for the remainder of the workforce. Non-bargaining employees will receive an offer letter at the email that they used to apply online. You will need to electronically sign the offer letter within five (5) calendar days from the date of offer. Bargaining employees will receive transition packets to complete and return. A benefits summary and other employment related information will be included with offer emails.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will pull a LLNS/George Miller move, hire everyone over and then fire 20% less than a year later because they want to save money.

Anonymous said...

I hear they fired a bunch of NSTec managers and cut salaries for senior managers they retained. My source says it is doom and gloom as the executive office as the new contractor shows many to the door. Workers are happy to see them go but wonder about future.

Anonymous said...

MSTS needs to push the big dogs off the top floor, after all NSTEC senior management is reason they lost the new contract bid. Twice. To two different bidders. They need to clean up some of the middle floors too, the medium dogs who are an endless annoyance to LANL and LLNL scientists trying to get things done. How effective they are in fixing that culture will foreshadow what happens at LANL, somewhere down the road.

Anonymous said...

Not true. Transition is not until January. No one has been shown the door. Everybody still at NSTec. Silly drama.

Anonymous said...

Point of correction - 1 Dec 2017

Day One – What to Expect December 1

On Day 1 will the jobs and pay of employees change?
A few people’s jobs and titles will change, but for the most part you will be doing the same job you did on November 30. The pay structure will stay the same.

Anonymous said...

LLNL - SO is sinking. The house of cards will soon tumble. Inspection imminent. Inspection post activity; let the cards fall where they may. Six Sigma choking. By the by, has anyone seen the assessments of PFD morale? No? Well then, let the BBQ's, movie night and ping pong games begin!! Everyone knows that the quasi wannabee bastardized military shenanigans are not the way to succeed. Federalize the work force, POST certification at a minimum. SPO classifications across the board, oh, I am sorry I meant the Enterprise (cool name, lacks substance) are an inconsistent facade. Where oh where is my "I want facts troll??" Step up! Challenge the facts! What facts you may ask. Well, well, you know the truth, dontcha big fellow.

Anonymous said...

3:51 PM

I am not asking for facts at this stage, just some clarification on what on earth you are saying. Could repost in a more clear way, I get that you are saying something is wrong with LLNL but could you elaborate on your points a bit. After that I may challenge you for facts but right now I cannot really challenge anything.

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