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Friday, October 27, 2017

Fusion program

Article on Sandia Z that inadvertently manages to show what a wasted effort their fusion program is:

DOE made the right decision to go with NIF. Why they maintain failed legacy efforts like Z is inexplicable

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This article is interesting for a couple reasons. One, Z is not about fusion energy, and Cuneo knows this very well, but I suppose we as a community have ourselves (and especially people like Ed Moses) to blame for the existence of fools like the author of this ridiculous article. "Limitless", "highly efficient", "clean", it's all wrong and makes a knowledgeable reader want to vomit, but every we time we say BS like that we convince at least one sap - or one journalist with no knowledge and questionable ethics - that it's true. But two, it makes it clear how many suckers there are who buy the BS - literally. General Fusion is a kind of front, like Mars One - a sexy sounding cover for a money vacuum machine. They will never, ever achieve anything useful and at least the top people know it, but that doesn't stop the funds from flowing in from millions of low-level suckers who give the venture capitalists money to throw around. Bezos doesn't care if they succeed or fail, and for sure the venture capitalists don't, because they all win in other ways. The only people who just plain lose are the individual investors. And the vast majority of the taxpayers.

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