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Monday, May 14, 2018

Latest rumor

Is that U-Texas with Boeing have won the LANL contract. Seems like lots of local managers
at LANL have gone silent since most would have been part of the UC or Bechtel bids.


Anonymous said...

seems like all the comments have disappeared, just like the financial disclosure records of a certain trump lawyer!

Anonymous said...

Any more rumors?

Why hasn't NNSA announced the contract winner yet? What's holding things up?

Anonymous said...

They have no clue.... Expect an extension.

Anonymous said...

Expect NNSA to follow path of least resistance and pick contender most likely to file protest if they were to lose. Boeing has long history of protesting contracts that they lose, and has huge legal staff well trained in this maneuver. Bechtel is runner-up in this category. UC is lightweight by comparison.

Anonymous said...

Just hope you don't get the same type of Bechtel managers we were given in procurement, namely Kevin Chalmers and Joyce Matthews. They had the bright idea that 100 procurement personnel should all send their printing to one giant printer to SAVE TONER vice each of us using small printers that 2 or 3 persons were set up for. I sat there literally with my mouth open as they proposed this cost savings measure, as if 100 employees sending hundreds of pages of paper every minute to one printer would use LESS TONER, never mind that everyone's work would get co-mingled at the printer and there would be additional wait times as everyone would have to wait for their turn at the printer and you know there are always individuals who walk away from either a paper jam or no paper in the tray. They also would not allow us to transmit contract solicitations electronically because gasp someone could alter an electronic document (never mind a printed copy would be altered just as well). This type of stupid management ideals was the most discouraging part of the new contract and having to just sit there and watch the trains collide. And watching Kevin and Joyce strut as if they possessed extraordinary IQ's.

Anonymous said...

What has UC ever lost??

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