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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mox Fuel Fabrication Facility

Hahahaha!!!! NNSA decided that the Mox Fuel Fabrication Facility (MFFF) in South Carolina can be “repurposed” into a pit production facility by 2030 at a rate of 50 War Reserve. This is ridiculous! They might eventually make it happen, but there is zero chance that they have it by 2030. I cannot wait to watch DoD and Congress thump NNSA for this idiotic decision as the years and billions of dollars slip away. makes you wonder if their real objective was 1) punish LANL 2) flow money to SC for their Senator and/or 3) they are secretly anti nuke. Of course, this will distract everyone from the MFFF slow death that had been happening.


Anonymous said...

It would help if New Mexico had pro-defense GOP Senators like South Carolina. Smells like politics probably had something to do with this idiotic pit fab decision. Wallace can try to cast it as a "win" for LANL but is sure doesn't look like it to me. Of course, if St. Pete was around this decision would never have played out this way.

scooby said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with 1:13, without St. Pete LANL can expect cuts to the Pit Program as DOE will need a lot of $$$ for the new Pit Capitol, SRS, they are going to be responsible for the major portion of the manufactured Pits. In the very near future LANL will see downsizing and funding cuts. And yes it is a very Political decision, Linsey Graham is driving the bus, we have no one and are at the mercy of Congress, whom by the way does not think LANL can carry out this mission. This is a shot across the bow, LANL is on the down side.

Anonymous said...

More hemorrhaging of high paying jobs from New Mexico. NM's economy never really recovered much from the economic crash of 2008. At least the poor leadership from the vindictive governor who lorded over the NM economy during the last 8 years, "La Reina", will soon be gone. Susanna Martinez' veto of the non-profit GRT tax for Los Alamos County and the state of NM was a real kick in the gut to the employees who live near the lab.

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