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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Who is killing all the posts?

Who is killing all the posts and comments on this blog?? Is Scooby incompetent to do anything about it? Or is he the perp?


scooby said...

Before you accuse anyone , read the post titled "disappearing comments".

Anonymous said...

No, it Scooby, it has always been Scooby, he is the self-appointed King on this blog he decides if a post lives or.... is dies, on a whim it may or may not be posted or removed latter. Scooby rules this world and until we can break free he will have his sword over our heads. This is unacceptable, what I am suppose to do, go to another blog?

Just kidding, it also looks like the format of blogger host has changed so obviously something is up with the service.

Anonymous said...

Simple. You don't like Scooby ,don't visit blog .

Anonymous said...

Start your own blog. Have it serve the LANL whiners. Maybe call it "LANL: The Real Story That Continues With Even More Butthead Cowboys Who Have Anal Aches Over UC."

Then this blog could get back to issues at LLNL.

Anonymous said...

LANL has been riding coattails for years. Why would this blog be any different.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the most important issues get the posts and the replies. LLNL? Nah, not so much.

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