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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fine Print: A Disconnect in Evaluating the Nuclear Weapons Labs

Anonymously contributed:

Fine Print: A Disconnect in Evaluating the Nuclear Weapons Labs

By Walter Pincus, Published: April 9, The Washington Post

The distance between Washington and reality is always hard to measure.

But the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) for the first time has released performance evaluations of the nation’s eight nuclear weapons laboratories and production facilities. Until now, the reviews were held internally. The fiscal 2011 reviews let us measure what went on in the nuclear weapons programs against what’s said about them in the nation’s capital.

“NNSA specifies ‘what’ it wants rather than dictating to the contractor ‘how’ to get it done,” according to the report.

The reviews are important for many reasons, but one critical one is money. Built into the contract are incentive fees awarded based on results of these performance reviews.

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Anonymous said...

I have a few old pits at my house we can re-use. A little high in Am, but what the hell, who wants to live forever.

Anonymous said...

That report was put out on April first, right?

Anonymous said...

Another example of the "high standard" that DOE/NNSA is holding LANS/LLNS to. LANS is playing the shell game with the W76 and B61 LEPs (e.g. trading off deadlines and missing both) and NNSA is dumb enough to give them a full-money on these PBIs. DOE/NNSA just continues to demonstrate their incompetence at managing the taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

what for the best and brightest to get scores of 51-75% is good?

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear. Congress is contentious and incompetent in much of it's actions. It wants someone to blame for its failures. For 30 years it was UC and AEC. Then, it was DOE. Then when that cover was worn out, it was NNSA. When those idiots came under fire it was UC again, morphed into a Bechtel/UC abortion.

It's a shell game, a well paid cover for incompetent legislators lording over complacent citizens.

Its the same story in lower risk government programs.

A congressman asks himself. " I am generally incompetent, lazy, but good at manipulating some people. How can I keep myself in depressants, adequate randy sex,surrounded by sycophants and showered in false accolades. I'll get elected."

A similarly talented congresswoman adds, " I really don't want to be a stay-at-home mom, that's too hard. I'll beat the dumb guys by manipulating them."

"It's easier than being a banker."

You get what you work for.

Anonymous said...

Washington here.

"hey, go eazy. Being an congressman is hard. Getting after the pages takes real effort now, ever since Monica and Bill spilled the beans..."


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