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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bechtel and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Another Privatization Story

Anonymously contributed

Article by Kay Mathews of the La Jicarita newspaper and blog from Northern New Mexico?

“Bechtel and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Another Privatization Story”:


Anonymous said...

Warmed over hash. But glad to now know we have a ... Constitutional Right to Continued Employment. Slick. Does that start at birth or age of emancipation?

Anonymous said...

While 8:44 pm is admirably snarky, the poster is clearly ignorant of California law. Public employees have a constitutionally-vested property right in their employment, which basically means you can't be fired without a fair due process.

It's unclear that this is applicable, since LLNS is not public anymore. It certainly has the potential to put the transition employment process under the microscope.

Anonymous said...


A tip of the hat and thanks for the clarification. I'm all for due process.



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