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Saturday, April 7, 2012


what happened to the new LANL BLOG?

Hardly any activity. It is a more appropriate BLOG for LANL. Most LANL visitors fill our ears with Knapp, Mc Millan and Co. who we dont care about. I encourage LANL visitors to express their views about those 2 characters at:

Those who have constructive contributions are welcome to continue visiting the llnl BLOG.



Anonymous said...

What do you mean you don't care about Knapp and McMillan? They are employees of Livermore. Don't you care about all their success and wealth?

Anonymous said...

Hey Scooby, did you forget you had a Blog vote to decide to retain (or not) comments on these two guys? The overwhelming vote was to retain comments on these two guys. It's pretty obvious you didn't like the outcome of that vote. You figured if you waited long enough people would forget. I didn't.

scooby said...

Not true. Otherwise, I would not post anything and just start yanking any Knapp/Mc Millan comment.
I just find the comments are boring, uninspired, hateful etc...
Dont you want more optimism and informative posts and comments?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just follow your own posted rules and then just get out of the way? Simple. Hint: the fact that you don't like a post is no reason for you to delete it.

Anonymous said...


Yesterday's news.

Anonymous said...

But if the LANL folks don't post here, how will we know what's on the minds of Trolls that GRIPE? Oh wait, it's something about Soles that GRIP.

Anonymous said...

Brett Knapp is being groomed to be the next LANL Director after Charlie McMillan and there is nothing you can do about it. LANL is now tightly controlled by Bechtel primarily for their corporate benefit.

If you don't like what's happening, you should have taken the VSP offer and left last week with the rest of the malcontents. Take Charlie's wise advise and "Follow the money" if you want to remain at LANL and profit. You may find yourself in a very nice, high paying managerial position that will reward you very well for your strong loyalty to the LANS upper management team. The regular lab staff have proven themselves time after time to be helpless 'sheep-people', so why side with those losers?

Anonymous said...

I took the VSP after 34 years of service. Not a malcontent. Just opportunistic. So -today was day 2 of my retirement (don't count weekends). Still doesn't feel like retirement, but there is a burden lifted. Feels more like I'm on vacation or using sick. Time will tell. My old office is already occupied. They have no plans to replace me. Obviously I didn't provide any service or benefit. Not my problem, but when one of the nuc VSSs crap out through the standard and rampant incompetence I'm sure my job may be resurrected appropriately.

Don't understand the guest scientist thing. Too much effort to only keep a clearance and definitely too much like work. Almost everyone I know who took the '08 vsp gave up guest scientist after 18 months.

Retirement is interesting and fun thus far. Don't see why that will change.

Anonymous said...

5:52 pm, you're welcome to start your own blog. The vote may have been informative, but it is non-binding.

Anonymous said...

April 10, 2012 12:05 PM

Of course anyone can start a blog. The real issue is the ongoing relevance and usefulness of this blog. Except for possibly the discussions of pension plans and the recent LANL VSP, the answer in my opinion is "not so much." Otherwise, the endless theme seems to be "DOE/NNSA is bad; LANS/LLNS is bad; Mcmillan is bad; Knapp is bad" and for comic relief, "hunting and fishing is good."

This blog cries our for either 1) a breath of fresh air from somewhere, or 2) an indefinite "time-out". It would be interesting to see, if this blog were suspended, whether anyone would feel enough need to start a new one. The answer from LANL has been, on at least two occasions now, "not so much."

scooby said...

You are welcome to make suggestions on how to get that breath of fresh air! We could use your inspiration!
There wont be any time out soon for this BLOG. How about you? do you feel good enough to start a new BLOG? You dont have to wait for this one to stop for you to start a new one!

Anonymous said...

April 10, 2012 7:56 PM

From Blogmeister "It's not my problem - you fix it" Scooby. No surprise, except that the "don't let the door hit you" comment was left out. Sad. OK - how about: 1) strict enforcement, daily, of comment relevance to a thread. 2) immediate deletion of negative personal comments about ANYONE, even if embedded in an otherwise relevant comment. 3) immediate deletion of comments SOLELY posted to flame another poster. 4) immediate deletion of blatantly political posturing of any stripe.

Note that these "suggestions" require daily, hands-on management of the blog. Too much for you? I thought so. Hence the second recommendation: give it up.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.

We appreciate your work and commitment to support openness and free speech, as trite as it can sometimes be.

(even though you sometimes drop my lighter posts)


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