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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is UC dropping out?

Anonymously contributed: ================================================================================== Is there any truth to the rumor that UC is in the process of dropping its membership in either or both LLCs as its financial hardships worsen.


Anonymous said...

Why not?

Wouldn't you if you were UC?

Anonymous said...

Why would UC leave? It's a limited liability company. They are covered. They make more money than they did when operating on their own.

If they were willing to do the "dirty job" when protests against it were larger, they will probably continue to do so with a heavy heart and a thicker wallet.

Anonymous said...


UC has very little cost when it comes to the LLCs.

That said, the rumor I've heard over in UCOP is the Regents are not that happy with their decreased direct role in overseeing LANL and LLNL.

- They are questioning why UC needs to be involved at all with LANL since it appears to be moving more into a production site role.

- They don't see much value in Bechtel being involved in LLNL given its SNM has been removed and this lab is becoming more a science and think-tank site.

One Regent has floated the idea of UC pulling completely out of LANS, letting Bechtel take it over (similar to LM at SNL).

At the same time, Bechtel would pull out of LLNS, with UC taking it over (setting up a solely UC owned LLC with and partners in subcontracting roles - the way U of Chicago runs ANL).

The Regent seems to be more comfortable bring LLNL back into the UC system, especially if UC was able to keep more of the $40 million+ annual management fee.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of bluff. Why? Why would UC have any motivation to change anything about the current arrangement? They get over half of all the fee money and have no downside. They know a good deal when they see it and it would make no sense at all to change from their cozy seat.
Unless, maybe, just maybe, they are looking for a way to get more fee?

Anonymous said...

UC should drop out and leave the labs for Bechtel/ Rechtel to destroy as they have from day one. It's their speciality.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, why would University California leave? The only thing that UC has to the bring to table is the University California emblem and Glenn Mara's hairpiece.

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