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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Making up LLNL shortfalls on the employees backs. LLNS-SOP

Anonymously contributed: ============================================================================ Making up LLNL shortfalls on the employees backs. LLNS-SOP Ed's Moses making up his operational shortfalls on the backs of the workers once again as he views each slave worth $300K. The shortage of $162M in taxes, $82M - $100M LLNS slush fund fees, $80M to be contributed to TCP-1 pension plan to assure it's funded at 100% as those who make the big bucks retire early to assure they get "theirs". There's also the possibility of another $30M cut in operational funding of which has to come from somewhere and guess who’s going to suffer the brunt. It won’t be managers I’ll assure you. They're God’s gift to creation aka The Untouchables. Sum of problem = $225M +#30M / $300K, 750 + bodies in the streets before Dec 31st 2012, quietly please, say sheeee .


Anonymous said...

About time NIF began paying its share of the distributed LLNL overhead.

As to whether all funds should go to NIF project vs. some for my compensation, I vote that some should go to my compensation.

Ed is nice and all that, but he ain't nice enough that I am going to retire poorly to earn him another tidbit toward his Nobel price (pun intended)

Anonymous said...

The average cost of an employee in normal LLNL operating programs (grade12) is closer to $450k per person.

NIF, a construction project until next year, has gotten a huge overhead discount, pushing most of the cost of LLNL overhead onto other LLNL programs.

Perfectly legal, DOE and congressioally approved, but hard on operating programs and hard to ween NIF off of.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so LLNS needs to get rid of 500 people by Dec 31st, 2012 to make up for their blunders. Combine this with additinal budget cuts and pissing off Diane Feinstein LLNL and just maybe they'll get less funding. More for Chu's new alternative energy lab.

Anonymous said...

A 750 reduction count sounds about right for LLNL. Same situation is about to hit LANL, too, though the numbers at LANL will likely need to be higher due to more severe problems with loss of projects. LANL's VSP offer and subsequent massive layoff of the sub-contractors during this spring and summer was just the beginning of their drastic downsizing process.

Given the FY2013 budgets and already ongoing severe funding problems at most of the NNSA labs, it's gonna be brutal next fiscal year!

Anonymous said...

Here's how they lay people off at LLNL...tell them not to come to work, then send them to medical, then medical proposes ridiculous restrictions that the department refuses. Then medical refuses to propose or accept any new restrictions or accommodations even if they are from your doctor. Your department refuses to give you an account number.

Since medical refuses to let you back w/o restrictions, there's no way to get an account from your department w/o a pass from medical.

So finally, you figure, if medical won't accept you, you must have a disability. So you apply for disability. Then your outside business agreement runs out, and you try to renew it with the lab and they won't let you because you are disabled and don't have any tasks from the lab (this was a special case that they just made a policy for). So you can't work anywhere. Your only choices are to go on disability and remain a laboratory employee, live without income, or quit. If you're above 50, you're lucky and you might be able to retire. So if you go on disability it looks bad on your resume. But you know the laboratory won't fire you right? They won't until I figure, you go on long term disability. But what if you want to volunteer at a non-profit organization? No, you can't do that w/o approval from benefits!

So you say fuck it, I'm moving to a cheaper state. Then they offer you an olive branch...they'll actually talk to your doctor about restrictions.

The point is there shouldn't be any restrictions, there should only be accommodations, and they should be chosen by the disabled person or their doctor, not medical!

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