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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NNSA budget not credible

Anonymously contributed: NNSA budget not credible A sample of the findings from the opening page: "NNSA does not thoroughly review budget estimates before it incorporates them into its proposed annual budget. Instead, NNSA relies on informal, undocumented reviews of such estimates" "Additionally, according to NNSA officials, the agency’s trust in its contractors minimizes the need for formal review of its budget estimates." "this process is not sufficiently thorough to ensure the credibility and reliability of NNSA’s budget" Full report for your reading (or burning) pleasure: ---------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------


Anonymous said...

What's the problem here? Almost nothing the NNSA ever touches has credibility and that includes the annual certification letters that Directors at the NNSA LLC-run labs sign off on each year telling the President that our nuclear arsenal is "safe & secure" without further stockpile funding or underground testing.

The total incompetence of both DOE and the NNSA has been clearly documented time and again in many reports, both official and non-official. No one seems to care.

Anonymous said...

Well, duh!
Of course the budget isn't credible. The country is in a full blown depression for the past few years, Los Alamos has the highest concentration of millionaires on the planet, Congress in its own twisted way is trying to control the weapons budget, and the loudest voices about increasing the budget are from Los Alamos. Get a grip on reality!! Much of the US has 20% and higher unemployment, and it is the wrong time to be crying for billions and billions more of federal funds.

Anonymous said...

What's it worth to protect the lives of your countrymen from the madmen who inhabit the world? Priceless.

Yes, we can afford it. We must.

Anonymous said...

Hard to say that right now with a straight face, 8 am, considerting what an 82 year old nun just accomplished at Y-12.
What the nation requires is a credible deterrent, not bloated budgets and failed management.

Anonymous said...

The current trend is to spend more and more money on less and less weapons. Keep it going and wind up spending the entire budget on one bomb. The country deserves a better path.

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:40 AM, the labs learned the lesson well from DOD contractors -- 20 B-2 bombers cost exactly as much as 50, same story for the Cadillac F-22, and for king of compromise F-35. The fewer of these dinosaurs the DOD buys, the more they cost the taxpayer.

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