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Monday, October 1, 2012

Federal officials recommend WSI contract termination

Anonymously contributed: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Federal officials recommend WSI contract termination, extend B&W Y-12 contract -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two months after an unprecedented security breach, federal officials have recommended ending a contract with security guard company WSI Oak Ridge at the Y-12 National Security Complex. In a brief letter Friday, the National Nuclear Security Administration said it has had “grave concerns” about the ability of WSI Oak Ridge and managing contractor B&W Y-12 to “effectively perform physical security functions at Y-12″ after the July 28 intrusion by three anti-nuclear weapons activists.


Anonymous said...

Has the Oak Ridge site office management been shaken up?

Anonymous said...

WSI just needs to give enough money to some lobbyists and all is perfect. Oh ya by the way the presidential candidate who blinks the least will win the election.

Is the Union really worth defending anymore? The founders have given us a Republic if can keep it, well I guess we could not keep it.

Anonymous said...

The WSI contract termination is a done deal:

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