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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photos of Y-12 released

Anonymously contributed: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photos of Y-12 released --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following link has several photos from the recent Y-12 incident. It makes you wonder just what DOES work after spending hundreds of millions of dollars on security at each of the high profile locations. Hope the fences and sensors are working at full design at other facilities so we don't see more photos like this. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Anonymous said...

Seeing the pictures really brings home how far the protestors got and shows the time they had to perform their graffiti. If this had been a real attack I shudder to think of how far it would have gotten.

For the folks at Y12 - there is no defense, there is no excuse.
For the folks at NNSA, especially the local site office, you gave these guys a passing grade at some point?

Anonymous said...

The guards at Y-12 didn't even know they were outside this building until the protestors went to a guard shack and told them!

Sorry to see Y-12 get rewarded with a $6 billion new uranium facility which will generate lots of new jobs after they botched up their security so poorly. It's like they are being rewarded for their terrible performance!

Anonymous said...

^ That's exactly how it works. You botch it up so bad you need tons of ca$h to make it better. Then they get a passing grade, upper management pats themselves on the back and get a fat bonus.

Anonymous said...

Now that a "show cause" letter has been issued to the Y-12 contractor for this debacle, it will be interesting to see if DOE has the courage to do the same for LANL. Doing so may be the last hope for keeping the nuclear weapons complex inside DOE.
So, what will it be? Will it be a move to DOD and let them deal with the problem? Or, will it be to hold the contractor fully accountable and (most probably) change contractors?

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