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Monday, October 1, 2012

NIF falls short of ignition

anonymously CONTRIBUTED: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NIF falls short of ignition ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laser Focus World


Anonymous said...

In some aspects, NIF may now be more aptly called MIF, since it is Mike's Idea Failed. At least history will not treat it as his worst mistake, since that dubious honor is reserved for his dictation of Charlie as his successor, no matter how inexperienced or unqualified.

Anonymous said...

Mike's Idea Failed

Anastasio was hardly the driving force behind the launch of NIF. That way predates his being Director at LLNL.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The physical model does not match the physical process. How normal.

That is the point of observing experiments. Now, using the tools and minds available, take the next steps, understand the differences, make new experiments to guide to the goal.

Wow, scientific method yields again new scientific knowledge.

This was clearly explained to all in the famous UCB course, Physics 10, "Physics for non-scientists" which became the pithily titled "Physics for Presidents" at Berkeley as tuition rose and the local talent was refused in favor of national and international wunderkinds.

PS. Teller taught this for a while and was very well received.

old blue

Anonymous said...

Be's a B-div guy, with little intellect in the game.

NIF is Emmett's child, and he is a very proud PaPa.

Anonymous said...

If it moves, its biology.
If it stinks, its chemistry.
If it doesn't work, its physics.

Anonymous said...

October 2, 2012 9:46 AM

Apparently Moses was out sick when Teller was explaining the scientific method.

Anonymous said...

You know you are dealing with a failed NIF project when:
..plans are made up to turn the facility into a laser tag family fun center.

..scientists, bored with the slow process, start putting odd pieces into the Ignition chamber. "Let's see what happens to this snickers bar"

Anonymous said...

So... when is NIF going to subsume WCI? I suppose that means Bruce and a number of other prominents are out of a job. I'm sure Ed is tickled pink at the thought of being able to practice fiscal conservatism as part of his patriotic duty to help out this country in a time of need. Program consolidation, lower overheads, fewer people earning their salary on overhead.

Anonymous said...

So LLNL has been running around looking for solutions, reaching out to scientists at other labs and academia. The nature of the requests suggests that they have not done due diligence regarding some of the models and data that they are asking about. This is not to say that these are the ONLY types of things that they are looking at. However, it is disturbing that they are asking these questions now, and not 5 years ago.

Anonymous said...

This is yet more evidence that LLNL does not know how to manage technical risk. However they are superb engineers. If there is a future for NIF, then LLNL should not be leading and managing the science/programmatic mission.

Anonymous said...

This is yet more evidence that LLNL does not know how to manage technical risk. However they are superb engineers.

October 5, 2012 10:42 AM

Oh bullshit! LLNL's engineering expertise is overrated. I mean, Bret Knapp! Is this the best that LLNL had to offer LANL? This guy is a joke!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to think that you can spout lies to the government to receive $6 billion for a machine that doesn't come close to performing to spec and there are no consequences for your actions.

Oh, wait... there is one consequence. If you can keep spouting the lies you'll continue to receive even MORE funding!

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