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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On another subject: grade retention

from Allison Morris:

This is an interactive flowchart that I helped create aimed to address the topic of grade retention and when it might be necessary to consider having a student repeat a grade.


Anonymous said...

This article contains another example of bogus statistics: "90% of dropouts did not read at 3rd grade level in 3rd grade." Therefor, that's an acccurate indicator of future performance.

100% of dropouts drank water during the third grade, therefor water-drinking will make you a dropout.

The assertion may be correct, but should be correctly stated stated this way (if the numbers actually back this up): of all the kids who did not read at 3rd grade level in third grade, 90% dropped out.

Anonymous said...

Totally irrelevant to this blog.

Anonymous said...

Really? Read on.

Anonymous said...

100 percent of LANS managers drank Kool Aid in 3rd grade.

Anonymous said...

Now they are trying to serve it to their followers.

Anonymous said...

Come on, we can at least try to educate Allison. She could be the next Director at LANL.

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