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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lab pension increase?

The Feb 2016 CPI-U was 3.0 in SF and 2.4 in LA. Therefore lab pensioners should see at least a minimum of 2.0% increase in pension payments in August.


Anonymous said...

The amount of the increase is also dependent on when you retired.

Anonymous said...

9:24 How does that work? For example I retired in 2006.

Anonymous said...

You ask how it works, who knows. Bean counters in the back figuring out things with ouija boards, tea leaves and actuarial tables.

Here's a link for the 2015 COLA announcment:

For those not willing to got to the link here's the salient information for the 2015 COLA:

Retirement Date COLA

On or before July 1, 2006 2.00%
July 2, 2006 – July 1, 2009 1.33%
July 2, 2009 – July 1, 2010 1.69%
July 2, 2010 – July 1, 2011 1.70%
July 2, 2011 – July 1, 2014 1.33%

I do not see a listing yet for 2016, but the announcement for 2015 was done on April 20th, so give it another week or so and Google ucrp cola 2016 and see what hits you get.

Anonymous said...

Thats ucrp. Tcp1 is different. Even though the minimum formula is the same for both. From memory:

If Cpi-u avg 0-2% full year increase is cpi-u avg
If Cpi-u avg 2%- 4%. 0 additional added above upper number.
If Cpi-u > 4% increase 1/2 (cpi-u - 4%) to 2% above.

It is effective in August pension payment. It is prorated in tcp1 for partial years. Ucrs may be different.

For the feb to feb year over year average of la and sfo cpi-u.

Also occasion adjustments are made periodically to bring segments closer to cpi.

Anonymous said...

Here it is, the Cola for 2016

The July 1, 2016 COLA rates for UCRP and UC-PERS Plus 5 benefit recipients, including those receiving survivor and UCRP disability income, will be as follows:
Retirement Date COLA
On or before July 1, 2006 2.00%
July 2, 2006 – July 1, 2008 2.72%
July 2, 2008 – July 1, 2009 2.69%
July 2, 2009 – July 1, 2010 2.31%
July 2, 2010 – July 1, 2011 2.30%
July 2, 2011 – July 1, 2013 2.72%
July 2, 2013 – July 1, 2014 2.67%
July 2, 2014 – July 1, 2015 2.00%

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Anonymous said...

So would the COLA for TCP1 retirees be the same as UCRP given the same retirement date ?

Anonymous said...

Again from memory, in years past the announced adjustments between UCRS and LLNL Tcp1 hss been slightly different,.. again giving lie to the ignominious Tyler Pryzbylek's soporific "assurance", "Substantially equivalent".

Both use the same basic yearly adjustment formula, but the additional recovery, in every cohort above the amount over 2%, appears to be a judgement call.

Be hopeful.

Anonymous said...

What? Tyler lied? Who knew?


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