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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Your pension is not safe, even if you are retired.

Just because you're already retired doesn't mean Congress can't take your pension


Anonymous said...

Who is Kos?

And what is the rest of this sky is falling story? Much cognitive dissonance. Miller is a liberal. Teamsters Central States Pension fund was a mobster paradise. Congress not reading the substance of legislation before it passses? Shocking, just shocking.

Anonymous said...

So the people whose pension benefits are going to be cut deserve it? They didn't have a choice of who ran their pension fund but they do depend on the pensions they earned. Don't you get it: there is always some "excuse" to cut benefits to people who are not considered politically important. Then people like you say they deserved it because they weren't in a good plan or some other toss. Down the road someone will say that people who worked at LLNL or LANL do not deserve their pensions so there are cost savings to whoever doesn't want to pay the legitimate bills. Shocking that people like you could be so uncaring and apparently so certain that they will never be a target of this kind of crooked deal, that they don't understand this is a real threat to all pensions.

Anonymous said...

Pensions that were established and received under illegal circumstances are not "deserved." If you collaborated with the mob you pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Huh how about that. And I missed the cannoli.

Anonymous said...

Keep your head in the sand. This law could be coming for us all.

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