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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poll on politics in this BLOG

It is clear that the vast majority prefer not to see policical fights in thsi BLOG.
So, starting now, I will screen out anything election, candidate, party, right, left, related stuff


Anonymous said...

LLNL is a lost cause just like the entire left coast. Any doubt, look who voting how.

Waste-Land Blue States

As most of Washington, DC knows the left coast has always been the freaky states. It seems more state are adopting their less than unifying ways. What a shame for America.

Anonymous said...

How refreshing. I'm getting sick of all the Robo-calls. I'll be glad when this election is finally over.

Anonymous said...

October 28, 2008 8:28 PM

You should pack up and head for the right coast.

On a different note...The political posts re-energized this all but dead blog.

scooby said...

If you consider this BLOG dead, please feel free not to visit. It was not intended to entertain you. There are much better means for that.
If you still want to keep visiting, may be you can suggest ways or contribute material to resuscitate the BLOG.

Anonymous said...

If you consider this BLOG dead

You are one of those people who hear,see and read what they want to hear,see and read. Probably why this blog is "nearly dead". Go back an re-read my post and try again


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