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Thursday, October 16, 2008

How bad will it be?

Anonymously contributed:

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Anonymous said...

You all have such high hopes that the next president is going to save your butts are about to get an eye opener. I for one say its about time for change. So how bad can it get. Here's a little hint.

If I were you I'd expect home values to decline over the next nine moths rapidly. While that's in the process I would expect to see mortgage interest rate go as high as 14% as they use to be when homes were affordable. This should keep the prices of homes down and make it so only those who are truly qualified can afford to buy. Gas prices should go back up and rationing may be required. The unemployment rate should climb as people's salaries flatten over the years and the cost of living continues to rise. Here's where you'll see the monies that were spent for luxuries such as going out to dinner will have to be diverted to putting food on the table and close on your back. Left-overs and second hand stores well have lines outside and you won't be throwing anything away that can be fixed. Buying a new car every three years should come to a halt. Lack of sales at all retail stores will decline indirectly increasing the unemployment rate.

If we work at this hard enough we may get society back to the point where they'll realize there's a difference between what you want, verses what you need; but to do this we'll have to bring them down and make them destitute enough to where their manicured landscaped lawn in the back yards are to be ripped out, where rows of corn, sting beans, tomatoes and squash have take their place. Then you'll have to can your crop to get you buy during the winter months. Those shrubs and decorative trees you have too, are to be replaced by trees that produce food. That noise you hear in the morning of a roster crowing or chicken clucking won't be a pet. There purpose is for eggs and possibly your next meal. Once we get the every day American house hold to this level and all the kids have moved back home, very happy to have a roof over their heads and chores to do; we'll be back on track.

However during this entire evolution you'd all better be small arms qualified and make it very clear to everyone in the neighborhood what your property lines are and the consequences for thief and implied bodily harm. It won't take long for them to get the point, if you know what I mean. Who knows. A few neighbored who chose to break the rule and showed disrespect could make the garden grow next summer in spotted ares very fruitful and productive.

For all of you who can't handle this, you're in a world of crap. Enjoy your life to come. It really isn't that bad. Been there, done 99% of that. It will not affect me a bit. As a matter of a fact I'm looking forward to it.

Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

How bad? Take the recessions of both '74 and '82 and add them together. Add in a dash of '91 for good measure. That's how bad.

Most of the workers under age 50 don't remember the last severe recession which came back in '82. They're idea of "bad" economic times are the minor recessions of 1991 or 2001. Soon enough, they'll learn what survival mode really means during a steep down turn.

Anonymous said...

Well on top of all this LLNS is about to tell lie # what? Heck I've lost count. Didn't the Q&A during the transition say, "we are not going to outsource your jobs". Well guess what people. LLNL, you're next, fools.

Let the Out-Sourcing Begin

I hope you idiots don't think any of you are safe. You're not!! LLNS operates this way. We're going to contract to whomever is cheaper and we don't have to provide any benefits too.

Welcome to LLNS, the "for profit" way of the world and contributor to out wonderful global economy and massive immigration which has gotten us where we are today.

Anonymous said...

It's more profitable for LLNS if they can create a condition of high turn-over for most of the positions at the lab. This helps reduce salaries and destroy the ability of workers to get vested into benefits.

You're going to see people coming to work for LLNL for only 3 or 4 years and then leave by either being laid off in mass or slowly pushed out of their positions.

The only winners in this new system will be the executives running LLNS. It's clear they don't give a d*mn about the employees.

Anonymous said...

I recall ULM saying we need more transient workers such as post docs to get the work done! However, the current cost/pay of post docs (>70K/year) is way out of line with the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

"I recall ULM saying we need more transient workers such as post docs to get the work done!" (10:27 PM)

Of course they do! LLNS wants you to find them, bring them in and then help train them in your specialty. After this is done, LLNS can then fire you and keep the newly hired post docs. It's cost effective for LLNS and will help earn them a nice 20% bonus.


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