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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who heard from a friend that there's a retro-active tax coming around.

So, I heard that there is a possible "retroactive" tax of like 6% being added to the programs. As always, it's retro active, so how many jobs it this going to cost?


Anonymous said...

"so how many jobs it this going to cost?"

Well, none if you work in the management ranks and live off the overhead accounts.

If you work on a project and bring in funding, then I suppose it may costs you your job, but then, I suppose that's the whole point, right?

Anonymous said...

LLNL cannot and will not survive as a "NNSA National Lab."

Fact #1 - NNSA has a single mission that NNSA cares about - nuclear weapons.
Fact #2 - Weapons accounts and work at LLNL is drying up.
Fact #3 - Hazardous work directly associated with NNSA programs is leaving LLNL. Superblock will soon have no SNM and its security downgraded. NNSA wants to end its funding of Site 300.
Fact #4 - LLNS has not done one concrete thing to improve LLNL. Lots of changes by LLNS managers but little improvement given the cost incurred by LLNL employees and non-NNSA customers.
Fact #5 - LLNL is becoming a research and science think tank, with few real "wet" lab or small scale projects.

LLNL is not a baby version of LANL, which will always be viewed as the one and only nuclear weapons design lab in the mind of the taxpayers. It's the birth place and home of the "bomb" in their view. LANL is quickly turning into the focal point for the future of this country's very small nuclear weapons arsenal - this includes hands on research, design activities, and pit production. LLNL will soon only be involved in one of these - design activities - and even this will be as peer review on LANL's work.

Bottom line: NNSA is leading LLNL to its death.

Anonymous said...

Care to tell us what that means in a bit more detail?

Anonymous said...

Generally all rate adjustments (either up or down) are retroactive to the beginning of the fiscal year.

Anonymous said...

It should be a ton of fun calling up the WFO sponsors and informing them of this big, new expense to their LLNL programs.

Anonymous said...

The current "tax" structure does not support all the non-program effort: unnecessary LLNS managers, etc. Last estimae was ~$90M short. LLNS cannot print money; the only sources of money are programs and LLNS profit. Guess who is going to have to cough up the $.

Anonymous said...

February 16, 2009 2:58 PM

Sounds like more people have to go. 1000 soon and 1000 mid summer is what I'm hearing.


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