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Friday, February 20, 2009

So, Are you happy about paying your neighbors mortgage to keep the value of your house up?

Yet another question posed . . .


Anonymous said...

better to buy my neighbors house and then fund NIF.

Anonymous said...

I'm against both the buyout and the stimulus package. It translates into taxing the people for the next two generations. They should have let the economy stabilize itself over time and if that meant a lot harder times for a long time them maybe people who were living on credit and seconds would have learned a lesson. NIF is chump change. Obama's continued war in Afghanistan and Pakistan at the rate of $4B a week dwarfs NIF's budget or for that matter the Labs budget by a long shot. Nothing is going to change. The wars will continue for decades to come and the bleeding heart liberals will return after this stimulus package fails to ask for more. You on the other hand will find your life going down the toilet at mach one as you have less and less to live on due to over taxation until socialism has taken hold and no one knows how to bring back America. You've voted in your worse enemy and now you'll have to kiss his feet.

Anonymous said...

ebruary 21, 2009 9:26 AM

Your full of it. Most of these changes are in response to the previous administrations failed policies on war, the economy, personal freedoms, education and many others. You would have us continue a long decline toward becoming a third world nation. If you don't like being an american go else where, otherwise help solve the problems and stop complaining.

At LLNL NIF, LLNS and upper management are part of the local problem that is dragging the lab down, while wasting lots of money.

Anonymous said...

2/21 9:26AAM:
what do you suggest? what is your plan Mr Whiny conservative?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct 9:26! And now that Iran can build a bomb, and Netanyahu will head up Israel's new gov. things are going to rapidly come to a head in this crisis stricken world. Obama, Hillary, Nancy, et. al., don't even come close to having what it will take to see this nation through it.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather contribute to my neighbor's mortgage than to agricultural subsidies for corporate farms for instance. There are a fantastically large number of wealth transfers embedded in our system. Some work against me, some work for me. The bailouts and stimuli will cut both ways, too.

As for 9:26AM, I know how you feel. I always felt Cheney was asking me to kiss his backside. I survived and you will, too.

Anonymous said...

February 21, 2009 10:14 AM

Let the economy stabile itself and where we land is where we should stay. That would probably mean everyone was living within their means. gee what a concept. Welfare on the back of the tax payer is dead and stinking and should be abolished.

Anonymous said...

The median price home price in Livermore dropped $200K from Jan 08 to Jan 09.


Percentage of homes underwater (worth less than the owner owes on the original mortgage), as well as what percentage of homes that changed hands during the 12 months ended in September 2008 sold for less than the last recorded transaction.

Sept 07 - Sep 08

Sold for Loss - 54.2%
Underwater - 36.2%

Sold for Loss - 45.3%
Underwater - 24.8%


Anonymous said...

"The median price home price in Livers dropped $200K from Jan 08 to Jan 09."

And they are scheduled to drop 30% more through 2009 and the first quarter of 2010. Finally we'll have homes people can afford to buy. Once they get back to 1979 price we need to hold them there, forever. If they start to go up. stop buying.

Anonymous said...

February 21, 2009 9:26 AM

I'm glad someone can see the light. The liberals with their long list of lackeys will return for a refill of their cups. They believe they're doing the nation some good when in reality they've worsened the situation many times over.. Of course all this debt will carried by the tax payer so who cares. February 21, 2009 10:14AM was the most right of all these post.

Anonymous said...

To 9:26, 10:19:

What always got me was how hypocritical people can get. The right screwed the country royally, and only lined their pockets, you can't dispute that. What the left is doing may not work out, but I for one am willing to let them try.

Furthermore, a lot of rightys claim to be religious and/or have values. This means welfare, be it helping your neighbors stay in their house as the initial question eluded to, or paying for "handouts" to others, is one of the most righteous things to do.

Lastly, you should note that socialism is NOT communism, and is actually the best form of government on paper. The problem is it never works because of greed, the VERY SAME reason that "democratic" capitalism does not work.

Anonymous said...

"Furthermore, a lot of rightys claim to be religious and/or have values. This means welfare, be it helping your neighbors stay in their house as the initial question eluded to, or paying for "handouts" to others, is one of the most righteous things to do.

If this be the case I'm not a righty or a lefty since I don't support welfare nor do I support socialism. I support a 10% flat tax on EVERYONE's net income for State and Federal ONLY and no taxes on anything else. If the government can't run on those funds and a fixed budget that's mandatory to be balanced at the end of the year it mean one thing and one thing only. There's to much pork and the pork must be CUT. However I do support a cash less society with NO write-offs for anything so that NO ONE can earn an income that is not taxed. I also support the abolishments of the IRS since a simplistic tax code such as I've suggested means we don't need them. It's KISS to the max.

Anonymous said...

To see what effect this is having, people need to look to our youth. It is from them we are stealing.
We should not be surprised when they turn their backs on this country.

Anonymous said...

February 22, 2009 7:08 AM

I'd say if this happens either there'll be more foreclosures or the owners better just pay it off and stay where they are. There's no hope of ever selling unless it 79% less than you paid for the home and guess what, you can not write off the loss because the feds don't consider a home an investment. That came out in today's newspaper. The party is over for at least the next 10-14 years if that soon. In fact it may be over for some people completely.

Anonymous said...

February 22, 2009 9:49 PM

We had idiots turning their backs on the country since the 1960 hippies draft dodging piece of crap that spawned and then came their children whereby the nut didn't fall from the tree. What's new, there isn't much loyalty to the country anyway and there is very little patriotism especially in the red states which seems to house most of the pinheads this nation has to offer.This country is so divided they can't even fight a good war simply because they allow the press and the news media to intervene. Then have fools like Hillary in positions of power she should never be allowed to get close to.

Neko said...

"Don't worry, be happy".

Anonymous said...

I hear many mixed feelings here....but let me ask you this, same question in the OP but different circumstance.

Here we have a homeowner who has NOT taken advantage of the 'creative financing', who has a fixed mortgage, lives within their means and is glad to be able to finally afford a home then BAM!

He/she loses their job-they are the sole supporter btw-they were shocked to be laid off and to date still can not find a job so they are in the process of losing their home because they can not find a job.

Still unsympathetic to this individuals mis-fortune??

Well hold on tight go round of layoffs it could be YOU we are talking you sing a different tune then!!

So sad people can not rally together in a 'team environment' supporting one another to get through the tough times.

How sad the majority are too busy bashing one another, passing the buck and blame placing. in general, whether employed at LLNS or O/S of LLNS or even UNemployed (as this poster is!!!!) IS hard!!!

Anonymous said...

February 26, 2009 11:26 AM

The sad part is there are a lot of people like you who did what you they were supposed to as you have described but now must pay the price for the idiots who lived on the edge, beyond their means and cried like little babies for help by the now elected socialist administration. The worse part is they gave in and gave them help when in reality they should have took their homes, kicked them in the street and ruined their credit for life. Just remember this the next time you hear the person talking about how Obama's going to make my mortgage payment for me or how we should tax the rich. YES HE IS, at your expense. These people have screwed us all and I see no reason to come together and associate with people of this caliber. The bottom line is this. We are in for some rough times if the Obamanator goes after the rich simply because they create jobs and if they can't get rich here, they'll simply take their jobs overseas where they'll make the product cheap and then sell it here for 1000% profit and if you're not willing to buy it, that's all good too, cause they'll just sell it to a foreign nation. Obama hasn't a friggin clue. The more he screws with the real rich the worse it will make it for the people. I were rich I'd do exactly what I have said simply because I want to be richer and I do not want to pay taxes as all good people don't.

If I were in your shoes here's what I would do. Instead of staying in Golden State of Californication, I'd turn the house back to the bank in 30 day, take your loss and then move my family somewhere else, leaving the BS welfare state behind. There are many states where it's cheaper and the people are a lot nicer. You may not get to be a scientist but with Obama intent to disarm the world anyway of nuclear weapons as stated in his "blue print for America .pdf file you can find at his site, you should live for today and to hell with tomorrow. It's time to enjoy your life and leave what use to be America to itself. She gone. The socialist are in office and they'll see its totally destroyed by end of his first term, and by the end of his second the casket will be sealed..

Good luck and God speed. Go and never look back and best of luck where ever you land.

Anonymous said...

"can't even fight a good war".

That is the most screwed up thing I think I have ever read.

You should leave the country while you still have a chance. You and other like minded zealots could start your own country.

The rest of us would be better off without weirdos like you around.

Anonymous said...

February 28, 2009 8:26 AM

You guys don't even know how to fight a good war. You're correct. It seems in the past few wars we're nothing more than world police and that's about all we're good for. Of course that's because we have simpleton liberal pinheads running the country who allow the press and the media to run the wars instead of the admirals and generals. As far as I'm concerned they should shoot any reporter that shows their face in the country we are at war with. America needs to allow the military to take out what ever needs to be taken out ASAP by what ever means deemed necessary and forget about civilian causalities. Their deaths just come along with the fact we're at war and the enemy just happens to be entrenched in the same bed with them.. That's their problem, not ours.


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