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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone else has had this pleasure, but my daughter just turned 23 and is no longer covered under the medical plan. I thought no big deal several plans to choose, 300 - 400 dollars max as was the case with my son. No way - one choice Blue Cross EPO at the tune of $584 a month.Thanks LLNS

February 5, 2009 9:39 AM


Anonymous said...

Did you also know that if you have a prescription from Kaiser, your co-pay is only for a 30 day supply.
For example, if your co-pay is $10 and the prescrition is 60 tablets, you pay $10. So, that used to be
$10 per 60 tablets.
Starting 1/1/09, If it is for 70 tablets, you pay $20. Never publicized!

Anonymous said...

And this new COBRA price increase surprises you?

Try to remember you are now working at a for-profit LLC called LLNS. Cutting benefits and nickle and dime-ing the employees at LLNL is what will get LLNS rewarded with bigger profit fees and fatter executive bonuses from NNSA.

Anonymous said...

February 6, 2009 9:35 AM

I agree and the boning will continue. This is just the beginning of the rapers ploy while at the same time ULM gets rewards for their success. They should cut FR, GM and soon EM pay by 75% and put them on a 401k and the same medical we have. Let them eat crap too.

Anonymous said...

Cobra has always been
the most expensive option because if you have a current serious
illness then the insurance
company has to keep paying
for your treatment.

Therefore, unless
you have a current serious
illness, it's not the way to
go. Buy health insurance
through the "regular"
channels instead. Blaming LLNS for everything makes us appear like cry babies. For use to be effective, we need to focus on the "real" issues instead.

Anonymous said...

Buy health insurance through the "regular" channels instead. (8:58 PM)

That route is extremely risky. If you go out and buy an individual policy, as opposed to a group policy, you may be in for a rude shock.

As soon as a serious medical problem arises, the bean-counters over at the insurance company will start doing intensive "Medical Reviews" of your past history and medical bills (going several years back) to find something, anything, they can use to retro-actively cancel your policy.

At that point, it will be you against the huge insurance companies and their stable of highly paid lawyers. Been there, done that. It is not something you ever want to face. Michael Moore's movie, "Sicko", covers this situation pretty accurately.

It is much harder for the insurance companies to go after you if you are protected by a group policy. That expensive COBRA policy is worth more than you realize.

Anonymous said...

That is not true Cobra for my son with UC was the same price as individual coverage.Plus he had a choice of different options.It increased when he went to HIPPA after Cobra.


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