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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Love Bechtel (NOT!)

Contributed Anonymously:

New Bechtel Happy Video


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to inform George Miller that I still think it's an us vs them thing. I don't consider myself as a Bechtel employee and probably never will. And I know that Bechtel doesn't consider me as an employee, my W2 says I am not.

And somehow that high production video still did not change my mind on that matter.

Anonymous said...

"Legendary safety and quality."

Like the Big Dig in Boston and the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant in Portland.

The Bolivian water system was pretty legendary too!

Anonymous said...

What you hear everywhere is "we are all a big happy family", what you dont hear is "we are laying off some of our family members!"

Check this Bechtel layoff last week:

Anonymous said...

Check this Bechtel layoff last week (5:36 PM)

I guess we can expect these laid off Bechtel employees to start showing up in newly created positions at LLNL any day now.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone actually read the article? These folks were part of a short term construction project - hired for the duration of their portion of the construction. They were not permanent hires.


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