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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nuclear-Warhead Upgrade Delayed

Nuclear-Warhead Upgrade Delayed; Government Labs Forgot How to Make Parts

Nuclear Warhead Article

March 9, 2009 3:05 PM


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...,2933,507305,00.html

Don't worry this is part of the big plan. We'll lose the ability to do anything nuclear and the world will be at peace. We'll be the first to disarm wether we like it or not and our friends around the world will voluntarily disarm simply because we lead the way. What do you think of that plan? Don't worry though, Obama will talk to them and they'll lay down their arms as he request. Realistically I hope I'm at ground zero when this all goes down.

March 9, 2009 7:56 PM

Anonymous said...

It's all part of the Obama Biden blueprint for America. Do a goggle search. When you find it search for the word _weapons_ and you'll see where Obama and company have plans on making America a nuclear free zone, kind of like Bezerkley. Looks like the liberal democrats have won.

Anonymous said...

RRW was the Lab's last hope in weapons. If that is your bag, get hired at LANL now while there are still openings.

Anonymous said...

Lets see if 6:18 and 6:20 are paying attention. Can't make the parts? Did that occur as result of what the Obama administration is doing or what the Bush administration did ? I think you know the answer but give it a go anyway, it will help the rest of us understand more clearly your mind set. No answer is just as good as a answer by the way.

Anonymous said...

The lost W76 capability at LANL has nothing to do with Obama and occurred long before Obama was elected. The loss in capability occurred when LANS took over LANL. I can personally testify as a former W76 weapon engineer at LANL that the loss of capability lies squarely on LANS and in particular on former LLNL employees Brett Knapp and Mike Anastasio. Knapp has been on a campaign to force engineers out of their jobs at LANL since he arrived at LANL. Knapp in particular is getting performance based incentive (PBI) money for each LANL engineer he forces out and for each square mile he shuts down at LANL. I know of 25 weapon engineers that Knapp has forced out since he arrived at LANL.

Anonymous said...

Agree the problem started earlier than Obama. The politics crossed many administrations.

Not at all suprised that Mike had a hand in this too. Hope those involved get to visit stand in the unemployment line alongside those they layed off.

Anonymous said...

March 11, 2009 6:55 PM
Are you telling me that the folks that designed Fogbank:
1. Didn't document the methodology?
2. Did document it but lost the documentation?

And we're going to blame LANS for either of those scenarios?

Or is it the case that the documentation was done and can only be read by the folks you say were forced out?

I am not saying that people were not force out but if the statements I read in the press are correct that documentation was lost or destroyed or never existed, I don't think you can blame THAT on a RIF.

Anonymous said...

I have no first-hand info on Fogbank. But plenty on dusty-deck computer programs.

Often the documentation sucked, was wrong due to being out of date, or never existed in the first place.

Notebooks get destroyed when people leave, often without realising that something vital is in one. It happens a lot more often when people depart suddenly.

Then there are things that one never thought about documenting, since they were "obvious" to you. Only they aren't so obvious to others.

Managers should be ensuring that projects are properly documented, but all too often they care more about deadlines than proper procedure. So these things happen and will most likely happen more often as things get worse for the labs.

Anonymous said...

ULM: We have a huge budget deficit , so we need to cut cost any way we can!
Why does it cost so much to save a stupid engineering drawing ?
(Duhhh, microfilm, , Q/A, storage in vault, fire suppression system,
long term archival, security, etc). Why can’t we just plot the drawing on our
plotter and save it in one of James file cabinet … Man, I know
how to "cut cost" !!!!!

Few years later …

ULM: Where’s James file cabinet that contain the old drawings??

Staff: Oh, we got rid of all his ‘worthless’ stuff back when he was ISPed in 08.


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