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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Since the LLNS take over of LLNL, what has been the best news and the worst news that you've heard about the Lab.



Anonymous said...

Best - "We have no plans for layoffs"
Worst - "We regret the necessity of a Reduction in Force"

P.S. It's LLNS, not LNSS

Anonymous said...

Best: A transition to management.
Worst: no real change; more of the same LLNL management

Anonymous said...

Best: A job offer from a good company.
Worst: Hearing that my crappy GL in Z did not get RIF'd

Anonymous said...

Worst: LLNS is now in control and all will be "substantially equivalent in the aggregate."

Best: Your (my) application for the VSSOP has been accepted. Adios, suckers.

Anonymous said...

Worst: Too many things to compare.

Best: A great job offer from another company.

Anonymous said...

Best: I'm still employed but no money for a pay raise

Worse: We're $30M short this year 2009 and that could mean 300 people have to go soon.


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