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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tauscher Signals Leftward Shift on Arms Control

Anonymously contributed:

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What do people think about the news that Congresswoman Tauscher is heading to the State Department?

Tauscher Signals Leftward Shift on Arms Control


Anonymous said...

Good ridance!

Anonymous said...

For a while she was at odds with Pelosi, which in my book earns her brownie points. As far as being a Lab cheerleader, she probably gave as much support that a Democrat in this region of California could provide. I hope that we don't look back on her tenure and state "They were the good years."

Anonymous said...

Pretty much agree with 10:40PM on this. Livermore being in Alameda County means the city gets a Democrat - and typically a liberal one.

Tauscher doing Arms Control. Eh. Country is already toast, so why not finish giving it all away? Don't matter anymore anyway.

Anonymous said...

March 26, 2009 10:29 AM "Country is already toast, so why not finish giving it all away"

Your right. The republicans screwed the country up up so badly that there is probably little hope it can ever be saved.

Anonymous said...

Lewis Black said that Republicans are the party of dumb ideas and Democrats the party of no ideas.

Both sides screwed up, just set up red and blue gallows for each side respectively.


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