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Friday, April 24, 2009

LLNS has taken a year away

Anonymous said...

Under UC rules, a child was covered until her 24th birthday. The IRS also considers a 23-to-24-year-old in college a dependent.

But LLNS has taken a year away.

LLNS is slowly removing benefits a little at a time, hoping no one will notice. Our daughter has no coverage, though she's 23 and entering her senior year next year. COBRA hasn't gotten back to us, Benefits knows nothing about it!!!

Are we the only ones with college-age children? I guess you have to be in a situation to feel its impact.

I just called Anthem Blue Cross. They weren't sure! Since LLNS is very clear about un-enrolling children, and both the computerized system and the human being said our daughter was enrolled, I asked the woman to find out what was going on. It turns out you're enrolled until the first of the month after you turn 23.

I'm mad as hell. I'm going to inform the IRS. The IRS has strict rules about age of dependent children and like UC did, it's to 24 at the end of the tax year.


Anonymous said...

just wait in a few years llns is going to take away medical benifits from all retirees; they have already started as soon as you hit 65 you are dumped on medicare.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting this is not "substantially equivalent?" I am shocked!!!

Anonymous said...

It is only until the month after they turn 23 - that's how it was when my sons were dependents just a few years ago. Where did you get 24 from?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.....fight it! My child was covered to age 24 and then Cobra was automatically authorized. Slowly and very sneaky little things like this are happening with our benefits.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that LLNS is legal criminal entity. That is why fighting it is useless except that it makes us feel better. I will take their money but at the same time there is ways to beat them at there own game, more to come on that!!!!Until then max out your benefits drive though the gates and collect your paycheck. Most people won't find anything better out in the real world with the economy the way it is.Hang in there but yes don't depend to take care of you in the future.

Anonymous said...

April 24, 2009 5:10 PM

That's the way it has always been. At 65 medicare becomes your primary insurance.

Anonymous said...

Georgie is a has been, and Mike is headed for D'Ag's old spot under the NobelAhChu@DOE.madness

Maybe we can finally get Mara back before S&T.AD@Foolishness.LLNL.blunderer kills Engineering off completely.

That would knock the buzzards off of B111!

Anonymous said...

LANS did the very same thing at LANL even though the state of New Mexico says kids have to be covered by their parent's insurance through the age of 24. When I complained up through several layers of the HR bureaucracy, LANS' final answer to me was: "We wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't legal now, would we?"

Welcome to the new world of the for-profit LLC. Their lawyers have deeper pockets than yours.

Anonymous said...

You are incorrect. UC rules have been and continue to be that dependent eligibility goes until the end of the month in which the child turns age 23. You can check this out at

LLNS has maintained the same policy. You really need to do some research before you make such an incorrect statement.


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