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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Details of Obama's plan for a nuclear-free world

Anonymous said...

Details of Obama's plan for a nuclear-free world
Sun Apr 5, 2009

PRAGUE (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama launched on Sunday a long-term plan to create a world free of nuclear weapons.

Obama's speech, to an outdoors audience of thousands in the Czech capital of Prague, came after North Korea raised security fears across the world by launching a long-range missile which it said was intended purely to put a satellite in orbit.

According to the Obama plan, the United States will:

-- reduce the role of nuclear weapons in its national security strategy and urge others to follow

-- maintain "a safe, secure and effective arsenal" to deter adversaries as long as such arms exist

-- negotiate a new strategic arms reduction treaty with Russia this year

-- seek to include all nuclear weapons states in arms cuts
-- "immediately and aggressively" pursue U.S. ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in an effort to accelerate a global ban on nuclear testing

-- seek a new treaty that verifiably ends the production of fissile materials intended for use in state nuclear weapons

-- seek to strengthen the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, proposing more resources for international inspections and urge "real and immediate consequences" for those caught breaking the rules

-- promote civil nuclear cooperation by urging an international fuel bank available to every nation that renounces nuclear weapons

-- support Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy with rigorous inspections

-- pursue a cost-effective and proven missile defence system "as long as the threat from Iran persists"

-- back a new international effort to secure all vulnerable nuclear material around the world within four years
-- host a world summit on nuclear security in the next year.


LLNL (as a "think tank" type of lab) may benefit from this plan in the long run, while the production side on NNSA (Pantex, NTS, KCP, LANL Pit production, Y-12) may be in sharp decline... Other thoughts?

April 5, 2009 10:03 AM


Anonymous said...

"According to the Obama plan, the United States will:

-- reduce the role of nuclear weapons in its national security strategy and urge others to follow"

Bye-bye NNSA weapons budget. It was nice while it lasted. When does the next round of layoffs begin at LLNL?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the boy is going to try to disarm America so we can get our asses kicked by some foreign national who is building up their miltary while we cut our own throats. What a fool. Heck, by the time he gets us in debt for $23T and then we have no military we'll be set for the roasting.

Anonymous said...

It looks like love and kisses everywhere you turn. We can now safely begin to disarm the US. The UN will take bold and decisive action to fix things if there are any further security issues. Trust in Mr. Obama. He's got a lot of experience in these types of situations because he worked as a community organizer just a few years ago.

Sha said...

Sounds like a plan...or would you prefer the last admin that pushed us to the brink of ruin or the lies of star wars?

This is the best thing to happen for LLNL in awhile...may be their is hope for LLNL!

Anonymous said...

Obama can't even seem to deal with a bunch of puny pirates in Somalia, so how in heck can we expect him to deal with a world full of emerging nuclear nations who hate us?

Anonymous said...

"Obama can't even seem to deal with a bunch of puny pirates ..."

The pirates met their end. LLNL's weapons program will also.

Nuclear weapons are probably on their way out everywhere, but it will not happen overnight. If you have any hope of surviving in that field, get out of Livermore and go to LANL or Savannah River.

Anonymous said...

Three Shots, Three Kills. Beautiful. May that be a lesson to anyone who screws with us. Great job UDT Seals. The last of the great real men on we have on earth.


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