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Friday, April 10, 2009

Rate the quality of your program

I would like to hear about your program at LLNL. Please rate the managers, whether you like the work, funding issues,whether it is decent place to work, any glimmers of hope. Looking for fair comments here. My hope is ULM reads this blog and will find useful suggestions from the workers. Since in my program, the managers will come after you with a vengance if you suggest anything, and GM does not provide us a means to make comments (nor protect us from the managers afterward), we will have to do it here. Try to be fair and not bash too much but I understand the frustration out there.

April 10, 2009 1:09 PM


Anonymous said...

Comp/LC: F

Mostly incompetent ULM aside from the ISSO. About half the GL's as well. Say the wrong thing and you'll never get a good ranking ever again.

What group you work for is all that matters, some are golden and some are dirt. So merit is irrelevant to ranking and salary.

For years ULM has cheated the staff out of overtime. Complain and you are brow-beaten or worse. They've gone on witch hunts to drive out employees, using fabricated evidence after the fact.

Harassment and lower rankings are commonplace for anyone who has a disability, or a sick family member. Unless you're a GL or higher up, in which case you can work at home or skip work as much as you like.

B453 is refugee camp. The building is a death trap, sewer gas from defective plumbing almost killed someone once. Cuts in the cleaning staff have made the bathrooms and kitchen areas filthy enough that a public health department would shut it down. The lobby is fall hazard and bird waste from geese quite abundant. Dirt and dust everywhere. No suprise ULM got an award for that building project.

Don't work there unless you are seriously masochistic.

Anonymous said...

ULM doesn't read the blog. They laugh at those who think it has any value.

Anonymous said...

Being fair, it is not a good time for the Lab (like 1970 and 1990 when external events challenged the Lab's core missions), so it will be a difficult time to manage.

O'bama's strategic naivete, Demoncrats, the Kissingerian Victory in Iraq (as in, "declare victory and hurry home") and the Recession caused by the clever and lazy on Wall Street and the Capitol Mall are another mighty confluence of external existential challenges.

With that caveat, I can only remember a short period after SIS was canceled when large elements of LLNL seemed so poorly prepared for the future.

Anonymous said...

"...sewer gas from defective plumbing almost killed someone once..."

and three packs a day, according to the victim himself, who subsequently became a noted model of physical reform....

Anonymous said...

The second story North- and East- facing offices in B543 are still some of the best digs in the Lab...especially for grope leaders who work such short hours....

Anonymous said...

ULM doesn't read the blog. They laugh at those who think it has any value.

April 12, 2009 8:51 PM

ULM needs to read this with a grain of salt as to the griping ... however, if they pay attention to the on-going themes they may gain some insight into the views of the rank&file workers ...

Anonymous said...

9:45 PM

I recall a non-smoking woman being the victim. You thinking of another time?

9:48 PM

Most east-side offices has a vision slit way up that affords a view of the machine room's rooftop. The corner offices are of course much nicer in terms of view and ability to house banned items like Eskimo seal-skinning knives without PSO's being called.

Anonymous said...

8:51 PM sez..
ULM doesn't read the blog. They laugh at those who think it has any value.Take solace in the fact that a ferret will whisper in their ear. A brief look of confusion will cloud their faces. Then after their attendent wipes the drool off their faces, a bellowed order to find the culprit will roar out. Web sites like this one will be back-hacked and the logs used to find out who complained. That person will have their work computer seized so that evidence can be planted in order to justify a firing.

The massive investigation and subsequent lawsuit further depleting the lab budget and forcing yet more staffing cuts.

Anonymous said...

I would rather work at home where it's clean. I can't believe that I have to put my trash can in the hallway for the cleaning staff to pick up and my office never gets vacuumed! My allergies have been so bad this year! But yet they have all these gardeners to fix up the outside of the buildings. What about inside were I have to spend most of my life? If I try and vacuum my own office I get my hand slapped. To be honest I can't remember when the hallways were vacuumed either.

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