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Monday, April 20, 2009

What really caused the demise of the Superblock?


Anonymous said...

Untimately the end of the Cold War decreased the importance of nuclear weapons and the need for another Pu facility.

Indirectly, the scare-tactic scenarios and costly bureaucracy of the safety weenies helped speed its demise.

Although security cost is often blamed, it is only one part of a poor cost/benefit ratio.

Anonymous said...

George Bush

Anonymous said...

I'm sure nuclear material in a highly developed community that really isn't excited about its proximity didn't have anything to do with it.

Anonymous said...

And when is anyone, including the current president, going to start taking responsibility instead of scapegoating?

More than enough time has passed in order to ask why the current administration has not reversed the policies that are hurting LLNL. Obama already has a long record of undoing anything Bush ordered. So either the administation doesn't care or were actively ensuring the weapons complex's demise long ago as part of Congress and now just continuing with the gameplan from a different office.

Lab employees need to stop believing that the messiah otherwise know as Obama is going to swoop into Livermore with an host of angels to destroy LLNS and proclaim the beginning of a new millenium of research bliss. If you want to continue working on weapons learn to speak Russian, Chinese, or Farsi.

Anonymous said...

If you want to continue working on weapons learn to speak Russian, Chinese, or Farsi. - 10:53 PM

What's their pay scale and do they have a nice pension? More important, do they have a broken organization like NNSA running their weapon labs and are their labs run by greedy for-profit LLCs who seem eager to destroy worker morale?

47 said...

Stop your complaining on this blog. If you want real change get involved.
For starts:
- there is a new DOE head
- there will be a replacement for Tauscher
- etc.
Take initiative, be courageous, and get your a.. involved if you really care!

Anonymous said...

Way too much effective technology being developed at a minimum cost for the next generation complex.

Threatened LANL,

"strike one"

scared the "white flag" democrats

"Strike two"

No interest in B111.

"Sit down, old timer"

Anonymous said...

attn user 47.

I had my a** involved for years. Watched it all go down the toilet as the contract changed. No one else joined me in fighting back, just fools saying I was wrong and it was going to be ok.

The new secretary of DOE wants nothing to do with NNSA, much less the labs. Tauscher did nothing for us before and promises to do even less as a treaty writer. Take the happiness pills and keep hoping for a sunny day, blah, blah, blah.

I gave up hoping for LLNL quite a while ago and left. There are good people still there and you have to feel sorry for them. But there is no rolling back the clock on this. All you can do is leave now or endure a lot of pain and be let go later. There are no other options.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can get the Russians to post a few job listings here. They'd probably look fairly competive compared to LLNL.

How bad can it be to work for the Russians compared to who has been in charge the last few years?

Anonymous said...

The only way you can make a difference now is to vote with your feet. Once the few good technical people left decide to leave, this Lab will wither like a giant weed.

Anonymous said...

let us never forget the demise of the lab began with George Bush and the NNSA. That is a fact.
Don't forget who was running the show when we had our most recent layoff.
Don't forget who was running the show when management was put out for bid.

Anonymous said...

9:43 - Not true.

The test-ban which started cuts in DNT was under Clinton. So was the formation of NNSA and heavy-handed rules like changes to polygraph testing. And pay scale for computer scientists lagged so badly behind the real world that a 10% bonus had to handed out one year.

Anonymous said...

We used to do real work in B332. Ever since the safety weenies took control, we have handled more paper than plutonium. Killed a lot fewer people, right?


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