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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Should NNSA end the LLNS contract?

After just 75% of its first two years, there have been at least 9 changes in senior management as listed in LLNS' contract proposal. JD is the latest to go. Thank goodness for Global Security.

Don't these clowns have any sense of honor? NNSA should hammer this LLC for its arrogant and irresponsible management of the contract. They bring in a lot of overpaid examples of the Peter Principle, run the Lab into the ground, and bail even before their sentence is up.

It's time to show LLNS the door.


Anonymous said...

"They bring in a lot of overpaid examples of the Peter Principle, . . ."

If you are so familiar with the list, you should note that most of those brought in by LLNS were already here and have LLNL UC roots. The same group that is also bailing before their two year commitment is up.

Anonymous said...

LLNL should be returned to UC whereby all the time we spent under LLNS control is fully credited towards out UCRP pension plan and for those who took TCP2 and maybe started to draw it, they could revert back too. At least under UC control LLNL actually did some things worthwhile. Going private was the biggest mistake LLNL ever did.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why JD bailed? Was it he had an opportunity better? Was he kicked out? Or did he realize that the ULM has no clue what they are doing and bailed before his reputation got further damaged by what apparently is to come. My sense is he saw working with ULM was futile and is a rat bailing from a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

Safety and security have really improved under LLNS--not.

Anonymous said...

While they're at it, NNSA should end itself. It has been a dismal failure.

Anonymous said...

OK, apparently I'm not getting through: GM is UC, BG is UC, EM is UC, CM is UC, JT is UC, DL is UC, PS is UC, etc. UC is a major partner in LLNS, LLC. The few Bechtelites are leaving. The failed UC types just get moved to another job with the same pay (remember TJ?).

LLNL is still more UC than anything else - just without the UC bennies for you. And you thought it was all about Bechtel - "don't watch the man behind the curtain . . ."

Anonymous said...

"Going private was the biggest mistake LLNL ever did." You think this was VOLUNTARY? It was MANDATED by the US GOVERNMENT. Yes, there was likely a 'fix' in place long before the 'competition' scam, but still it was not a UC decision. No matter how much sense your suggestions make, it is NOT GONNA HAPPEN. People have to accept that and move on ... I did. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone know why JD bailed?" etc. ...

I heard that GM didn't like him, and IMO, he actually never seemed to really DO anything. GS has been adrift for a long time. I don't know if it was his plan all along to come here, inflate his salary/retirement, not do anything, and get out ASAP, but that is sure how it turned out.

I think at best, JD was out of his element. He never did anything here to establish a positive 'reputation' AFAIK.

Anonymous said...

April 4

Five of the nine had no connection at all to UC: KJ (never came), MA, PH, TJ, and now JD. RM was a previous LLNL employee who LLNS used to replace a really great security director, even though his previos experience was of little value in that job. LLNS' backfill of that job with DL caused another opening in the business area. The only true two UC leftovers were SP and CM, who I agree never added anything to the Lab anyway.

Anonymous said...

JD never intended to do more than pick up a paycheck and return to TN. He is only one of a number of others who kept their house/family in their old location and will leave after trashing this place.

The fact that he is not hanging on for the final six months is recognition that GS is going down the tubes.

Anonymous said...

Why would NNSA kick out LLNS? Has the "exodus" of upper mangers delayed or killed a deliverable?

The lab shuld be unhappy with the exodus because if they hire a replacement, the salary of the replacement is taken from the management fee rather than an allowable cost. I assume that clause of the contract expires in October of 2009, the 2nd year of the contract.

Has the current set of management failed to dot enough I's and cross enough T's? If so, then NNSA might start huffing and puffing. But as long as LLNS is shutting down buildings, keeping the benefits in check and getting those time cards in on time, NNSA will ride this pony.

If we consider the state of the economy I think it would be safe to assume that if the NNSA were to end the current contract and rebid it, the benefits would be reduced further than what we saw with the demise of the affiliation with UC.

Anonymous said...

Why would NNSA kick out LLNS? Has the "exodus" of upper mangers delayed or killed a deliverable?

NNSA dors not care about programmatic deliverables. They are not smart enough to understand them.

What they do care about is compliance. It's all they can measure.

Anonymous said...

NNSA doesn't know whether to shit or sign autographs. Congress signs autographs.

With leadership like this, nothing good can happen.

Anonymous said...

Congress argued lifestyle politics and missed the boat on the Iraq war, UC management of the National labs, force modernization and oversight of the US banking system.

Has there ever been a worse Congress?

Anonymous said...

Unlikely that commercial outsiders will succeed in upper level management.

LLNL is unlike anything they will have experienced. (Maybe a gifted kindergarten)

A Faustian, farcical, egotistical melange where the god Science reigns and the Muse, Toil, sometimes inspires something of value in spite of herself.

Like France, no one is sure how it works, but you have to speak elegant French and have impeccable credentials to gain entry to the court.

Importing a foreigner to run one of the petite potentates assures only that the foreigner fails and is mocked for his hubris.

Perhaps can be more likened to a sorority than a kindergarten.


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