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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More from POGO on LANL security

More from POGO on LANL security

"The situation at Los Alamos is just as troubling. The National Nuclear Security Administration warned the contractor as early as 2010 that a new security project was in danger of being late and over budget. And now, two years later, the agency is demanding that the contractor fully disclose all of the project's problems and show that the nuclear materials stored at the New Mexico facility are safe.

Good idea. But how did the project get this far and so over budget when the agency with oversight power has an office right in Los Alamos that's supposed to oversee the contractor?"
November 14, 2012 4:40 PM


Anonymous said...

A (reliable, I can assure you) friend tells me that seven (7) years ago -- that's a "7" -- the folks who were preparing to actually *do* the work, you know, the fellows with the tool belts and hard hats, told mgmt that the way the fiber-optic cabling was spec'd wasn't going to work.

Did I mention that this was 7 years ago?

Does it really take that much insight for a manager to sit down with the folks who are actually going to do the work and ask them for the experienced opinions before undertaking multi-hundred-million dollar contracts.

You betchya...


Anonymous said...

The report reads that the local NNSA office was part of the problem, due to the lax oversight. Perhaps the LANL group had oversight training at Y-12.

Anonymous said...

The path through this series of debacles and failures has become very narrow for the operating contractor. It is becoming progressively more and more difficult to see a way out that does not involve numerous high level personnel changes.

Anonymous said...

Hey POGO are you there ? What do think about using the "Girl on a Tank" as a logo for the fraud waste and abuse at LANL. These guys were trained by SOC, it's time to re-think the entire situation at LANL. This is getting to be a joke, don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

The real question is: Can LANS operate LANL ? If you can answer that then we can proceed to fix the problems.

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