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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bechtel Defends Role in Bolivia

Anonymously contributed: moved from under the post "is privatization better in th e long run?":

"Bechtel Defends Role in Bolivia" on PBS Frontline

You can expect to hear the same PR story from Bechtel about how they are effectively "handling" the management of the NNSA labs for greater cost efficiency.

Bechtel owns the heart and soul of what's left of LLNL and LANL. Their 'Judas Goats' are everywhere in the circles of the labs' top management.

Perhaps PBS Frontline should do an investigative report someday on how Bechtel and BWXT turned the nuclear weapons complex into one of the most profitable endeavors in the whole US government. They should concentrate on how a non-profit management contract was covertly converted into a profit based contract that increased the government's costs by over 1000%.

Now, that would be some story!


Anonymous said...

A PBS Frontline story on the selling out of the NNSA nuclear weapons complex to the highest bidders?

Wow, what a great story to be told! Will it ever see the light of day?

Anonymous said...

Bechtel has been sucking the American taxpayer dry at the once great National Laboratories. Hopefully somebody will see beyond the window dressing and report on the dark, dark soul of Bechtel corporate and their mismanagement.

Anonymous said...

Bechtel is not a public traded company, so it's not required to abide by any of the usual laws of public scrutiny or regulations required of most huge and powerful companies. It's a secretive, privately held affair -- a family run endeavor for the benefit and profit of the extended Bechtel family.

Indeed, 1:15am, LLNL and LANL have been taken over by a very dark soul. Riley Bechtel and his strange and secretive "Bohemian Grove" friends have been given the freedom by NNSA to pillage these institutions as they wish.


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