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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Strange posting:

ANonymously contributed:
This is posted on L-hire. Can someone tell me whta a 10% Group Leader is?
Is that the same as asking a judge, mayor, Captain, etc.. to work part-time?

The National Ignition Facility (NIF) Computing (NIFC) Division within the Computing Applications and Research (CAR) Department has an opening for a 10% Group Leader in the Test Group. The successful candidate will manage NIFC computer scientists and technicians supporting software and/or hardware controls verification and validation for the NIF. The candidate will participate in NIFC Division hiring, performance evaluations, peer grouping and salary management. Candidate must currently have a technical assignment in support of the NIF Project. Candidate will report to the NIFC Division Leader.


Anonymous said...

I think it means they have to work 10% of the time, and slack off only 90%. Most managers can just sit around and play solitary all day, so they wanted to make it clear what the expectations were.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe the person who gets the job only charges 10% of his effort to NIF and the other 90% to some other organization while working for NIF. NIF has to find ways to keep their costs down.

Anonymous said...

Group leaders are expected to have a programmatic position, but take on additional administrative responsibilities for the matrix organization. For this additional responsibility only a small fraction of their time is covered--in this case, 10%. Group leader positions are advertised and individuals are hired by the same procedures as for any other type of posting.

Anonymous said...

The job posting's author assumed we all know what 10% means. 10% of the job is GL and 90% technical? isnt that true with many people at the Lab who throw around acronyms and meaningless phrases?


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