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Saturday, February 13, 2010

What do you think of the 200 reclassification project?

Anonymously asked:
What do people think of the "Scientist and Engineer" reclassification project. Is doing away with the 200 series job classification really going to improve the Lab?


Anonymous said...

LLNS anticipates a bad job market for the long term and want to tightly tie compensation to market market. Although, they wont lower anyone's salary, they want to make sure future raises are minimal.
The salary ranges will take care of that.
Like some division manager said the other: reclass my a?? ! -:)

Anonymous said...

Why the 200s only are being reclassified? Their compensation makes up the largest chunk of salaries and LLNS wants to adjust that over the next few years.
There is purpose for the reclass: cost savings for the duration of the contract and beyond.
It is DOE's idea. LLNS just executes; they are not interested in arguing with those that "feed" them.

Anonymous said...

February 13, 2010 4:26 PM

Can you say, "redlined until further notice". Jobs that pay well reserved for the good old boys freinds. It boils down to this. No matter what degree you have or how many years with the firm. If you're not in a recognized position your pay will stay the same regardless of the extra hours you put in.

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news! It is good to see that our LLNS management is on the job, making sure that LLNL is kept to modern and effective standards of business operations.

This improvement in position definitions is yet another great example of how expertise from our talented Bechtel management team is making this lab a center of excellence to be admired by all.

I'm rolling up my sleeves and joining the winning LLNS team to help make this lab great! How about you?

Anonymous said...

I hear the 300's are going to be reclassed come this summer so get ready for another woopin come pay raises 2010. If you're working outside you classification and on a job that considered trivial, well, you shouldn't expect any recognition at all.

Anonymous said...

can somebody tell me what this reclass is all about? This is the first time I have heard about it. What is it exactly?

Anonymous said...

February 14, 2010 3:54 PM

This was told to all of you during the transition two years ago but everyone said, "they'd never do that". Well guess what here it it. It's all about holding salaries DOWN for as long as they can to save money except for those who'll be put into key jobs ULM deems large rewards. The rest of you will be held down for the next 10 years or so, while they hire new contractor in at much higher salaries, so you're paying their way on your back. Feel the love yet? This is the SIMPLE explaination.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, job classification for S&Es will now be based on the actual "job" the person is doing and not the "degree" that they have earned. Each job will be in a "family" series, with 1 to 5 "steps" within the series. Each step will have a set salary range.

Most people won't feel the impact until next year when they are ranked very high but get a zero raise, and are told this is because they are overpaid for the "step" in their new job classification.

I have been very surprised that the S&E union at the lab - Society of Professional Scientists and Engineers (SPSE) - has been quiet on this.

Anonymous said...

So, the reclassification is about being classified as per your job and the level at which you work. I assume this is based on years of experiece and level of leadership (newbie, individual contributor, senior level, lead, manager). On the surface this is a good thing. I don't want to be compared apples to oranges with someone who does not do what I do. BUT, there are a whole lot of ways to screw this up in the execution.

Anonymous said...

This job reclassification project was already done out at LANL a year ago. From the looks of it, the main purpose seems to have been to keep future salaries constrained. The higher you go up the "1-to-5" level chain, the more severely you are rated, thus helping to keep salaries from rising (excluding top management, of course).

If you want to get a clear idea where LLNL is heading, just look to LANL. In reality, the same crew of corporate types are now managing both labs. In fact, I believe the Board of Governors for these two lab LLCs have exactly the same members on the board. What an amazing coincidence!

Anonymous said...

"I have been very surprised that the S&E union at the lab - Society of Professional Scientists and Engineers (SPSE) - has been quiet on this."

SPSE gave us a chance to elect them as a union. We did not. So, why should they care. Those of you who
did not pay attention in 2007 when SPSE was litteraly begging you to vote, be ready to be shafted forever!


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