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Friday, September 6, 2013

Numbers please!

Numbers please. Lots of pension contribution talk. Initially we were given a employee / employer formula. We know exactly what the employees put in. They did so immediately, and as the formula dictated. Why is it a mystery trying to get the employers exact contribution for 2012, 2013, and anticipated 2014?

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Anonymous said...

For FY12, the breakdown of TCP1 contributions is $4.5 million in employee contributions, compared to $20 million in contributions from LLNS. For FY13, employee contributions through May total $10.4 million; the LLNS contribution approved by NNSA is $40 million. -– Parney

I sent an ask the director question (in May 2013) and this is the response I got. I thought it was kind of cool that he responded with real numbers. I didn't ask about FY14, but if you want to know, send him a question.


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