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Thursday, September 19, 2013

top priority for NNSA,

In case anyone had any incorrect impressions about the top priority for NNSA, this is from Klotz's SASC testimony today. In your view, what are the major challenges confronting the Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and Administrator of the NNSA? The NNSA has a unique responsibility for pursuing two different, but complementary principles that have traditionally guided American nuclear weapons policy. The FIRST is that the United States must continue to lead international efforts to limit and reduce nuclear arsenals, prevent nuclear proliferation and terrorism, and secure nuclear materials across the globe. The SECOND is that appropriately-sized nuclear forces still play an essential role in protecting U.S. and allied security interests, even as the United States seeks to reduce the overall number and role of nuclear weapons in our national security policy.


Anonymous said...

And the top priority of many people in the research staff left at these labs is to find a way out!

Anonymous said...

September 19, 2013 at 10:39 PM

Ditto, With the private take over all I've seen and heard since 2007 is how F'd up the labs are now and I can't wait to get my time in so I can get what I have earned and I'm outta here. For some this dream has come true and in another five years those who made the labs great will be gone.


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