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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ken Moody AAAS Fellow Award

Ken Moody AAAS Fellow Award Congratulations to Ken for this acknowledgement of his contributions to science and actinide research. It begs me to wonder how and why he is still there at the lab so long. I would have expected management and the sniper culture adopted by the mediocrity to have done him in or chased him out. The hollow acknowledgment by the lab are more than compensated by his recognition in the broader community. He serves as an exemplar and beacon for scientific excellence despite to strive for institutional and technical failure and mediocrity around him. Congratulations to Ken Moody.


Anonymous said...

Nice accolade for Moody, but leaves a smarmy taste in the mouth.

Wasn't he also involved in one of the more serious rad screw-ups at the Lab in recent memory?

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of stories of LeConte hall at U.C. Berkeley. where some of the pipes were filled in with concrete and left there intact. It had to do with radioactive material left from the early days.

Anonymous said...

Remember everyone is a winner today and evreryone gets an award. You built this pathetic society now swim in it.



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