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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


LLNS has found a way to transfer moneys already earned by the worker to their coffers. Gee, if they were half way competent, they could also charge an administrative and record keeping fee on time card submissions, sick leave, vacation, etc.


Anonymous said...

These charges were supposed to go away in a few years...did they miscalculate? Are people putting less $$ into 401ks? ????

Anonymous said...

The NNSA has contractual "oversight" for LLNS yes? Do you know how to reach staff members of the Livermore NNSA Team? Maybe they can be helpful.

Anonymous said...

Time to get a Lawyer. Everyone else is.

Anonymous said...

We at LANL also got this nice letter

Anonymous said...

The labs are a corporate "money machine" for an ultra-wealthy Riley Bechtel. The employees are the host and Bechtel is the parasite. The infection is getting worse and worse with each passing year!

Anonymous said...

Bechtel has many much more lucrative lines of business worldwide besides being a partner in running the labs. It is small potatoes for them. They probably think it enhances their image to be associated with national security science institutions.

Anonymous said...

The contracts that Bechtel have running LLNL and LANL are easy money for them. It requires little of them, presents little risk and it buys Riley a lot of nice toys. They ultra-wealthy didn't get that way by leaving easy money on the table.

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